Robb Topolski (funchords) wrote,

Yes, you should still opt-out of the Comcast Settlement

In response to my plea, last week, that Comcast customers should opt-out of the proposed P2P Congestion Settlement, the lawyer that made the tentative agreement with Comcast has been making his rounds in the press. He thinks that you should not opt-out of the case and that you should take your "up-to" $16.00 and go away quietly.


Somers sounds worried that too many people are going to opt-out of the deal that he struck and that the judge will reject it at the June settlement fairness hearing. That's exactly the strong message that myself and many other Comcast Internet subscribers are hoping to send -- this is a bad settlement!

To those that were least affect, the settlement offers nothing. However, to those that were MOST affected, it offers a mere 1%. For 30 months of the nation’s most egregious and secretive net-neutrality violation coupled with the outright lying, backstabbing, and deflecting behavior during the investigation, Comcast stands to lose about one tenth of one percent of the Internet revenue that it collected -- it's not even a rounding error! And what about some kind of assurance that Comcast won't again break promises and start interfering with consumer freedoms again?

Nobody has to work hard to discover that this is a bad deal for consumers and for the future of the Internet. Lead plaintiffs in class-action lawsuits have the responsibility to represent the class and reject bad deals. I’m doing my job in encouraging you to opt-out of this deal and protect your rights and your freedoms on the Internet. 

OPT OUT! To opt-out from the settlement, simply write "I want to opt-out of the settlement" along with your name and address and mail it by May 13th to: P2P Congestion Settlement Claims Administrator; c/o Rust Consulting; P.O. Box 9454; Minneapolis, MN 55440-9454.

Robb Topolski
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